Here at Dow Autoplex, we understand that some drivers wish to learn more about how their vehicles work, so we've created a few notes on how brake pads work. While these parts are small, they play one of the most significant roles in keeping you safe on the streets around Mineola and beyond.

Stepping on the brake pedal activates a cylinder that sends brake fluid flowing through various lines leading to the calipers. These calipers engage the brake pads by squeezing them against the rotor, bringing the vehicle to a stop, or merely slow the speed.

If you're a diligent driver who doesn't misuse the brakes, then you can expect to maintain healthy brake pads for a significant period. In fact, brake pads will last anywhere from 20,000 miles to 65,000 miles depending on how often you travel and how hard you work the brake pedal over time.


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