A fuel system could become filthy dirty and start to perform less efficiently. If stepping on the gas pedal delivers a somewhat delayed reaction or another concerning problem, seeking fuel system cleaning work might be advisable.

Cleaning the fuel injectors represents a basic type of service. Cleaning the injectors is a noninvasive service that could boost pick-up and fuel efficiency. Sometimes, the fuel injectors may not work due to wear and tear. Replacing the fuel injectors may be the necessary solution.

Other fuel system components include the fuel pump, fuel filter, and fuel tank. Are deposits present in the tank or the filter? These problems may need attention. Servicing the tank and installing a new filter may be advisable. A failing fuel pump might require replacing right away.

Drivers in Mineola have a place to visit for their fuel system service. Dow Autoplex offers inspections, cleanings, repairs, and maintenance.


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