Dow Autoplex's fleet of vehicles in Mineola have differences but many similarities. Gaskets are one, placed in every engine. One would have a difficult time finding any running engine without gaskets. They are what help pressurize the engine for fuel combustion, and keeps a lid on its moving parts. A good example of how gaskets work is found by opening a bottle over the sink, holding it at an inverted angle. If you turn the cap, the bottle will leak but hold in the liquid when sealed tightly.

Gaskets have the same concept, stopping oil and dirt from moving into parts that keep the crankshaft at a constant spin. Since gaskets are placed on parts of more than one size, they are built with different materials. A cam seal gasket consists of rubber, tough but susceptible to melting when it gets too hot in the engine. The easiest way to extend the length of gaskets is by following the recommended guidelines for maintenance on a particular vehicle.



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