Choosing the Right GMC Truck for Your Needs

Here at Dow Autoplex, we are proud to provide you with a diverse assortment of new GMC trucks to browse. The new GMC truck lineup offers something for everyone, no matter your driving style or daily driving needs. Here are the new GMC trucks you'll want to get a closer look at when you visit our dealership:

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What Are Gaskets and How do They Work?

Dow Autoplex's fleet of vehicles in Mineola have differences but many similarities. Gaskets are one, placed in every engine. One would have a difficult time finding any running engine without gaskets. They are what help pressurize the engine for fuel combustion, and keeps a lid on its moving parts. A good example of how gaskets work is found by opening a bottle over the sink, holding it at an inverted angle. If you turn the cap, the bottle will leak but hold in the liquid when sealed tightly.

Gaskets have the same concept, stopping oil and dirt from moving…

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Introducing Your Car's Alternator

Questions about alternators vs. batteries often come up when our Dow Autoplex service team suggests a replacement for either. What exactly does the alternator do, people wonder. Here's your brief rundown.

Keeping the Party Going

You car's battery supplies the initial jolt that wakes it up. You car's alternator keeps the party going. It continuously recharges the battery and supplies electricity to all electrical components in your vehicle:

  • Radio
  • Dashboard instruments
  • Digital clusters
  • Heated seats
  • Windshield wipers
  • Power windows
  • Electric steering
  • Headlights


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A Primer on Recalls

Recalls are a fact of life. Luckily, they're not as bad as they sound. Plus, recalls occasionally result in the repurchase of your vehicle or free upgrades and repairs. Our Dow Autoplex put together this blurb about recalls to help you locate them and deal with them effectively.

Safety First: Recalls 101

Manufacturers and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are responsible for issuing recalls. They do this after discovering that your car seats, tires, motor vehicle equipment or your vehicle don't meet stringent safety standards. 

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Servicing the Fuel System on a Car

A fuel system could become filthy dirty and start to perform less efficiently. If stepping on the gas pedal delivers a somewhat delayed reaction or another concerning problem, seeking fuel system cleaning work might be advisable.

Cleaning the fuel injectors represents a basic type of service. Cleaning the injectors is a noninvasive service that could boost pick-up and fuel efficiency. Sometimes, the fuel injectors may not work due to wear and tear. Replacing the fuel injectors may be the necessary solution.

Other fuel system components include the fuel pump, fuel filter, and fuel tank. 

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Everything There is to Know About Brake Pads

Here at Dow Autoplex, we understand that some drivers wish to learn more about how their vehicles work, so we've created a few notes on how brake pads work. While these parts are small, they play one of the most significant roles in keeping you safe on the streets around Mineola and beyond.

Stepping on the brake pedal activates a cylinder that sends brake fluid flowing through various lines leading to the calipers. These calipers engage the brake pads by squeezing them against the rotor, bringing the vehicle to a stop, or merely slow the speed.


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Keeping Your Car in the Best Shape for Winter

Before cold weather arrives, make sure all of the fluids in your car are changed or topped off. Consider keeping the gas in your car at a higher level in the winter in the event that you are stranded on the road in Mineola during a snowstorm or another weather-related event. Fluids that you want to change or fill include your oil, coolant, and washer fluid.

If you know that your area sees a good bit of snow and ice, then consider getting all-weather or winter tires. These often have a deeper tread on them, making it easier to navigate…

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